Work bag?

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  1. For those of you who use a work bag in addition to your every day purse, what do you use?

    I'm looking for something big enough to carry lunch, a water bottle, notebooks/papers, and any other workday essentials. My office is quite a walk from the main building entrance so I'd like something that looks nice.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Le Pliage or MZ Wallace works year-round. I like Coach's leather Bleecker tote or commuter case if you want something more professional.
  3. The Tory Burch "Ella" Nylon tote in extra large is the PERFECT work bag! Black, big (but not too big despite the extra large description), and the nylon makes in very durable and never gets dirty. I use it for work and for travel and get a lot of compliments on it... and its affordable!
  4. Thanks ladies! I will take a look at all of your suggestions
  5. Chanel GST is a good work bag.
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  6. I use a vintage Coach leather briefcase to carry my purse, ipad, phones, water, etc during the week when I'm on the road.
  7. I bought a rolling leather bag which the handle and wheels can be remove so it is a handbag only, if needed :smile:
    Up to now, I only used it with the wheels but it was a good price and I get compliments on it all the time! Got it from if ever youd like to see it, I got the McKlein's La Grange in Orange because I wanted a flashy one, but there are some more classic!!
  8. I invested in an electric black epi LV Mirabeau and it will hold all what you mention plus more! Its a two way carry with a strap so really practical. ;)
  9. I use a black Chanel GST and a camel Coach Bleecker tote for work, love them both. I am also thinking of purchasing a Coach Borough bag for work purposes.
  10. I used to carry a Le Pliage medium or large. I used a purse organizer inside so everything in there was organized.
  11. For college and toting my life around traveling I've sworn by my LV Neverfull GM. However upon graduation I have a job in the nonprofit sector so I've found that MZ Wallace bags are good quality, understated, can hold a lot and they're cute and affordable. Currently I have the Metro Tote and the Belle…thinking about getting a Kate soon.
  12. I use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM for work. I think the MM is the perfect size to fit all my stuff like my lunch, iPad, chargers ect but I would suggest taking a look at the GM also.
  13. I used an LV messenger bag and then when I quit working to be a SAHM, I used that bag as my diaper bag. It's indestructible. I've put it in the washing machine twice and it's come out perfectly. I like that it has a strap that allowed me to slide it onto my luggage when I had to travel for work. The outside pocket was helpful for plane tickets, etc. Wearing it messenger style also helped when carrying a coat, coffee and my purse to work.
  14. Thank you for all the responses everyone! I definitely have some shopping to do now :smile:
  15. What did you end up getting OP? :smile: