Work Bag

  1. Just wondering if anyone carried their work on a daily basis or is it just used for travelling.

    Thinking of buying a black work. Is it practical to use on a daily basis.
  2. I use the work all the time. but i'm a hoarder.. gotta bring EVERYTHING! I use weekender regularly too.. hehe.

    city is ONLY for nights/very light shopping... i find the classique too small for me. I'd usually go for vintage clutches at that point.

    that's my opinion anyways...
  3. Yes, I use my Work everyday. It's the perfect size for all my crap.
  4. Yep. I use it everyday!
  5. i have a 2 year old, so when she goes out with me, which is practically every day. the work is usually the one i grab. i can put all her stuff as well as mine. it's very practical.
  6. I carry my work everyday, you can fit everything you need in there for
    the day!
  7. I carry my work bag for daily use and it can hold a lot but doesn't look overwhelming...
  8. i agree with you, the work is so useful especially when you have kids.
  9. i routinely carry one of my works or weekenders as day bags all the time! they are fabulous. my pink work pix is under the thread bubblegum pink! if you want to see size.