Work Bag Suggestions Please

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  1. I need suggestions for a large bag that can be used for work--needing to fit all of my regular purse stuff plus water bottle, file folders, lunch. Open to any advice. Thanks.:smile:
  2. I was thinking the Sloane would work for me. I'm not too worried about heaviness as I only walk from the parking lot into work and then unload everything. Anybody use a Sloane for alot of stuff? Any pics of people with a Sloane? Thanks.
  3. I need to get some pics of my Sloane! Yes, you can definitely get a lot in it. But then I could load up my Sienna pretty well too and my Parker is definitely made to carry a load.

    I waiting for an Ada and I'm guessing that baby could handle some stuff as well. What look do you like most?
  4. I like the Sloane, Paige, and Lena the most. I would probably use it for work as well as those times when a larger bag is needed. I actually don't really care for the Sienna (I know-gasp).
  5. I know the Ada could handle that. Even lunch!

    The Sienna could take the water bottle but I don't know about Lunch and definitely not file folders.

    The Lena couldn't do lunch with all of your other stuff plus a water bottle. I don't think it could do file folders either. Or not without scrunching them.

    But I bet the Paige could do it all. Bessie would know.

    A Carla might be able to handle all that too. I guess it all depends on lunch. Is lunch a PB&J and and apple? Or is lunch a Chef Salad, dressing, Fruit, and An Otis Spunkmeyer muffin?? LOL
  6. I vote for that second lunch!
  7. My lunch every single night I work is a huge dinner salad. Spinich, mushrooms, olives, shredded cheese and grilled chicken or steak. I don't do muffins or fruit (trying to do the lower carb thing) but I know that salad doesn't go into my bag. I might stick a sandwich in there. I do stick cans of pop in my bag or something in a ziplock baggie.

    I know my Ada could have held that salad and more. It's more like a tote.
  8. When I think back to my working days.....I think that I would have gone for a Sloane or a Paige. Actually I would have tried a Sloane first as I think it has a more 'Smart' office look. But then if my job was in a more of 'relaxed' environment I probably would have gone for a Paige.

    Not much help am I! :lol: