Work bag ideas?

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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to get some suggestions from here! I wanted a new work bag and was going to get a Neverfull but my coworker who sits next to me JUST got one so I don't want the exact same bag! I was wondering what suggestions you had for a different work tote? So far I've looked at the Balenciaga papier A4 and the Chanel Cerf tote, any other suggestions? I don't want anything too structured.
  2. YSL has some pretty totes. If you're lucky, you might find one with a fun print as well.
  3. Hermes Garden Party, the leather kind. It comes in many different colors.
  4. I have a hard time finding work bags. I like a tote; however, I don't like the skinny shoulder straps that most come with as to the dig into my shoulders. Wish LV made one with straps a little wider
  5. Totally has wide straps plus a zip :tup:
  6. I use a black Fendi Monster Roll Tote. Holds a ton, has a zippered top, and my co-workers and customers LOVE the monster eyes. I have never had a bag get so many compliments. If I want to hide the eyes, I just turn it around and carry it backwards. Yes, the straps are thin, but unless I really have it loaded up to the brim, it's comfortable to carry.
  7. I've been in love with the monster Peekaboo version of that but it's way out of my budget. The tote is definitely worth looking into! I actually currently use a longchamp LE cat tote with two crazy looking cat eyes peering out.
  8. It sounds like you could totally pull off the monster eyes if your current style is the cat tote! The peekaboos are also fabulous, but I agree that they are awfully expensive... I wouldn't want to leave one unattended at work! The totes are a lot more affordable than the peekaboo, and probably more durable. I also use mine for travel. It gets stuffed in overhead bins and under seats. It still looks new after a year of almost daily use, so I'd say it was a good investment. Check the department store sales that started today... I'm pretty sure I saw a few non-black monster roll totes in the sale section this morning.