Work bag for laptop

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  1. Hello. I've been following some of the Hermes threads for a while and finally decided to join. I have been trying to conduct some research, per the threads/stickies, for a possible (I HOPE) Birkin purchase. My questions are the following:

    Is a Hermes Birkin (either in 35 or 40) adequate as a work bag? I carry a laptop, some files + my daily stuff (wallet, cosmetic bags, phone, etc...) I guess I'm concerned about spending so much money on a bag that I do not want to destroy with all my stuff.

    What type of leather would work best (durable) taking into account the above facts?

    Would YOU use a Birkin as a work bag (with all the stuff I listed above)?

    Sorry for all the questions, but y'all are so Birkin savvy, I HAD to ask for help :yahoo:
  2. The Birkin is definitely adequate as a workbag. It can hold everything you've described, and more. The only thing is - weight. These bags are genuine, pure leather, so if you are carrying a 15inch laptop it will possibly be VERY heavy, even if you pick the lightest leather.

    I use my Birkin as a workhouse, but I do not carry my laptop or files in it. It gets far too heavy for me and leaves ugly red welts on my arms. So I'd rather have two different bags - one for purse stuff, and another for files, documents etc.
  3. Thank you Pyrexia!! I appreciate your input. With regard to type of leather. I guess there's togo and clemence??? Not sure. I'm not Birkin savvy, hence all the questions. Which one do you have, assuming it's leather?

    From my reading, one is heavier than the other, right?
  4. Oh and what size Birkin do you have? Would a 35 or 40 work best??
  5. clemence is only barely noticeably heavier than the togo. they look pretty similar. my 35 is in clemence.
  6. i use mine as a school bag toting around a binder and the odd textbook. but even with just that it gets mighty heavy.
  7. A birkin in 35cm or 40cm is already very heavy without anything. With all your belongings in it, you may soon find it rather unpleasant to use.

    I use a 30cm most of the time, and when I carry my iPad in it, I can already feel a significant increase in weight. I cannot imagine how much heavier it would be for you.
  8. :tup:

    Not to mention, a heavily loaded Birkin will lose its shape and the handles will be overstretched too. :tdown:
  9. Do you mind that your work bag cannot be carried on your shoulder? I have tried and failed to make a 35cm birkin a work bag for me. Aside from the weight, I could not bear to put files into the bag as I was paranoid that the corners of the plastic folder may scratch the interior leather, but maybe it's just me being precious about my bag. Having been a shoulder bag person, I also struggled with carrying the birkin and eating a sandwich on-the-go....
  10. at least our arms and "wings" will get some work out :biguns:
  11. If you have a small laptop (for example small Mac Book or small Sony Vaio) 35cm Birki n works well. I find the 40cm really huge, though I like to carry it when I travel as it fits tons of stuff..

    As already mentioned above do remember that the Birkin is a rather heavy bag and gets even heavier with a laptop inside..! Many times when I'm carrying my Birkin with the MacBook pro inside I wish that it would have a shoulder strap...

    Apart from the heaviness it's a great and stylish work bag! I prefer clemence, fjord, chevre or ardennes (old leather type) leathers as they're durable and strong leathers.
  12. Welcome!

    My 13 inch MacBook Pro fits into a 35cm. The laptop goes into one of those neoprene sleeves first and it fits fine but the bag does 'batwing' slightly. For anything bigger than that I think you'd need a 40 but, as others already mentioned, weight might become an issue.
  13. Do you have to do a lot of walking or is it just to and from your car? Sometimes my Birkins can get quite heavy but I am only walking a short distance, so it doesn't matter. Then if I stop at the grocery store on the way home, for example, I remove my iPad and other heavy items and leave them in the car.
  14. I have a black Fjord Birkin 35 and I use my bag as a work-horse.

    As far as what fits inside, I carry a Kelly wallet, Piccolo pencil case, small Karo, Ulysse PM and MM (the medium and small sizes), a book, keys, Blackberry, and I can usually fit my lunch in there as well. When I worked at a job that required me to have a laptop, I always put the work laptop in the bag as well. If arranged properly, it all fits, but it is heavy.

    Fjord is definitely the absolute best leather as far as durability is concerned. If you don't mind the gorgeous graining and veining, then definitely go with this leather. I've had my bag for almost 3 years and I use it at least 3-4 times a week, with all the stuff listed above, and I commute on the train and NYC subway to work. It has held up well and still look almost new! I am so happy that I chose Fjord over Togo for my first work-horse Birkin!

    Let us know what you choose and let me know if you'd like me to post pics of the outside of the bag for a sampling of the leather.
  15. Bumping this thread because I have been wondering how much weight the handles can take.

    My Birkin is heavy anyway (to me!) - I carry quite a few of the Hermes SLGs, I find my zip around Globetrotter and the others weigh it down a fair bit. I recently started carrying my iPad (in it's case) in my Birkin in addition to everything else. I can just about cope with the overall weight of the bag (I don't carry it for long periods of time), although I do get red marks on my arm from the handles.

    Do you think I am damaging my bag? (It's Togo BTW).