Work At Home

  1. Ok I am a college student and I would like to have a work at home job. I heard a lot about there scams, but I also heard a lot of good. Does anyone have any ideas?
    Thank You everyone:smile:
  2. I'd start with your local temp agencies and see if they can find anything for you. Go with the bigger name companies to find a job for you so you don't have to worry about being scammed.
  3. Are you interested in sales? I am a sales rep and I have a home office and just travel to visit my clients in my territory. I love having a home office and it is nice because I have a company car and don't have to pay for gas, and the pay is good if you do well.
    There are tons of good sales jobs out there, just make sure that the company is reputable.
    edit: I just reread this and see that you are a college student so this might not apply to you since these are usually full time jobs! sorry I didn't read clear!
  4. I heard that a lot of people work at home part time and make a resonible salary. Will eBay do that because thats hard to believe.
  5. yes there are many success stories on eBay but you have to be really hardworking and diligent with it. It also depends on what you are listing.