Work as a briefcase?

  1. I may be just rationalizing, trying to justify another bag purchase, but does anyone use the Work as a briefcase? I mean really use it? Files, papers, pens, drag it to work everyday? Will it hold up?

  2. Yes, I used it to work with all those documents,'s very spacious and can dump lots of things in. At least i do not have to carry another separate bag or file documents.....both hands are free...hehehehe
  3. Yup, I use it as a briefcase for sure. Lots of papers. It holds all of my stuff with tons of room to spare. I actually don't know how I survived without it at this point!
  4. Same here!!! I even put all of my snack in it :biggrin:
  5. The Work is a great "work" bag :yes: I would suggest staying away from the lighter colors if you're going to use it for everyday, although... I :heart: the look of an oversized white bag :p