Work and Weekender Experts

  1. I would like to know do you work experts use the bag for a brief, tote, handbag or both and for you weekender experts does the size get too cumbersome since it does not have a shoulder strap? I am in the process of purchasing my 1st B-bag which will be an Ink City. Later on the work interested me and the weekender for travel. I do like vibrant colors, what would be a great color for the two handbags?
  2. The work does not have a shoulder strap either, I use mine as an everyday bag, and also put some of my work stuff in there too. It's a
    great practical size and not that much bigger then the City. :yes: As far as color goes, it depends when you plan on purchasing them......for this season s/s 2006, the Rouille is gorgeous in the work, and the cornflower looks great as well. Some of the older colors are amazing,
    but seem difficult to find. Or you could always wait for prefall, which
    is coming next month :biggrin:
  3. i have 4 works now and just got 2 weekenders which i lovvvvvvvvve. i will be posting pix of both work and weekender size this week! neither have shoulder straps and i wear the short handles on my shoulder alot. very tight fit, but i like it. i use both sizes as a purse. i do not like purses that look overstuffed like sausages. i cant seem to get my citys to look the way i want bc i guess i carry alot of suff these days, so i advanced to works and weekenders. i love both sizes. and my twiggys and firts, we wont even go there....
  4. Wow, Class, you must carry alot! The Work is a very large...handbag.
  5. hey summer, i dont think i carry alot, but i hate the look and feel of a bag stuffed too much. i am carrying the weekender today as my purse and it looks so fabulous! i took pix today and will post some next week when i get home. if i dont post correctly, mimi has graciously offered to assist me! i know it sounds crazy, but i love the statement the big bags make , especialy the weekender bc the handles are so short next to the contrast of the large body. very fashionita! and, i dont see copies of that size and i have seen a ton of bad copies of first and city.
  6. I use my Work for travelling and it's perfect. I'd like a weekender for short trips but because the work barely fits down the airline's aisles as it is, I don't think I could go much bigger there. Kind of depends on what you're looking to carry, where and how often. I can also use the work for my purse now that's it's softened up alot. If the weekender eventually comes with a shoulder strap then I'd consider it more seriously.
  7. I've been using my work when I have stuff to transport between my office and home. But, I thought I could use it as a travel bag as well. Just got it a short while ago, so I haven't used it for that yet, but it's definitely big enough, at least for me.
  8. i use my work as a handbag. it's really a great size for everyday use... but then again, i just love large bags. it's perfect for the office or traveling too. you can put tons of stuff in it and the bag just holds up really well.