Work and Hobo Balenciaga on Bluefly??

  1. more than likely fake... unfortunetly
  2. they both look fake. the leather looks bad.
  3. Thanks guys...The hobo looks kinda weird, but the work bag looks OK? Or is that just my wishful thinking :rolleyes:
  4. Fake fake fake! :sick:
  5. Bluefly doesn't sell fakes! They are the only online site besides the big dept stores and eluxury for buying authentic designer goods. 100%!
  6. I just bought this with the Bluefly discount code MISSEDYOU104 for an extra 15% off. With the Gucci I saved 230 bucks!
  7. Chag--please take a close look at that red b'bag when you receive it. Apparently you haven't seen the threads about the Balenciagas recently on Bluefly. I'm afraid that it's likely you didn't save anything at all. PF members have not been receiving authentic b'bags.
  8. Sorry, your going to be disappointed but the red Balenciaga you bought is fake. It's a return from the first fake batch of bags. Bluefly HAS been selling fake Balenciagas. Go to the top of the Balenciaga forum & do a search for Bluefly. The threads on this will be pulled up. I personally got a fake Bronze City Balenciaga & MANY other PF'ers also got fake bags.. This has been reported to Bluefly & they have done nothing. They continue to resell the fake bags after they have been returned (from those who find out the bag is fake). Balenciaga has also been contacted & if you go to, there are several entries about this. I also think Becca was contacting the Attorney General of NY & the BBB. This is big stuff.
  9. sorry, but all of these b-bags being sold on bluefly are 100% fake :cry:
  10. Are you guys sure about the hobo/day? I've never seen that style faked- Any thoughts?
  11. Yes, it's fake, bluefly has had several fake Day bags.. Color's all wrong & the rivits are wrong. They had a red one last week with a clear shot of the little ring on the front pocket with a break in it. It's supposed to be souldered shut..The rivits were solid discs too. Both clear signs of a fake. I know some older B-bags have rivits that are solid w/ no notches but that's not the case here.
  12. Ok. I will reserve judgement until I get the bag. Thanks
  13. Chag, that Balenciaga you bought is fake - trust me, I know my Balenciagas....

    Andrea, those bags are fake too, sorry :sad: