Worh the wait !!!! Reveal !!

  1. Are you taking pictures with your iPhone? PM IF YOU WANT!;)
  2. My Pomme D Bellvue PM

  3. Here!
  4. image-3308071734.jpg
  5. I love this bag... I actually thought it had been discontinued.. Enjoy
  6. Oh wuao!!! Another pomme beauty!!! You all make me want red red red the color of love!!;) congratulations! Let me know please glamorioustasha how do you feel carrying this bag?;) I always like the original shape but I don't know how it feels to carry one?;) anyways, congratulations on your beauty!
  7. Great bag! Congrats!
  8. image-962040448.jpg

    Me at moms house picking up my kids lol
  9. Congrats on your red beauty! You look fabulous with her :tender:
  10. Thanks guys sorry for the delay and the spelling ! It's supposed to be ' Worth the Wait' can't edit it now oh well ! I love her
  11. love pomme bags!! congrats!
  12. Congrats ! Love the pomme ;)
  13. great bag -- and it looks great on you!!! congrats!
  14. Gorgeous! It looks great on you. Oh how I want a pomme bag...
  15. Thanks it's the perfect size ! I had the GM in Armante but it was bouncing into everything . This is a keeper