Wore my Sophie today

  1. I love how the Sophie can be dressy or casual. We had our daughter's 3 year birthday party today and I wore the Sophie, with the strap, across my body. It was so great because my hands were free, and I didn't have to put down my purse (sometimes I get paranoid about leaving it....)

    I had lots of compliments from my friends.

    I love wearing her!!
  2. The Sophie seems so versatile! I wish they woul have made it to the mainland.
  3. That's lovely and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DD!!:love:
  4. LOL! The only time I've worn my Sophie was at my daughter's 1st Bday Party. it is great when you're on the go and need to be hands free!
  5. aww! glad you love it! i REALLY want one! And I DONT wanna pay $700 on eBay! haha
  6. are there ANY left in hawaii?
  7. I absolutely love this bag! I saw it for the first time about a month ago and I fell in love. :love: :love:
  8. Oh the Sophie is sooo pretty! I don't think there are any left.
  9. colleen that is a perfect bag for times like today. I can't believe Sophie came and went and I didn't know about it. I should have joined this forum sooner:yes:
  10. congrats!
  11. Aww that's so wonderful:smile: great bag!
    Happy birthday to your DD ^^
  12. im jealous
  13. I just adore mines but I still havent used it yet. I bet your Sophie looked great on you!
  14. I should not be here in this thread........I want a Sophie SO BADLY! I wish they had more on eBay!!
  15. happy birthday to your little girl :smile: