Wore my Evelyne out for the 1st time today! Pic!

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  1. It looks fantastic on you , and what a beautiful color cyclamen is, :heart:! I am so glad you found this Evelyne and are really enjoying it.
  2. Thanks!
  3. [​IMG]

    Aw it is very cheerful! Congrats!
  4. Yay! Beautiful! :yahoo:Oh, it makes me miss mine!!!
  5. Oh, wow!! That is gorgeous on you!!
  6. Stunning color! Congratulations...it's a beauty~:yes:
  7. arnott--Awesome bag. Looks great. :smile:
  8. You look great- have fun wearing her!
  9. You sold yours? What colour did you have?
  10. Eek! Its so weird to have a big picture of myself posted for all to see! :weird:
  11. One of my bags is lined in cyclamen...but, OMG actually seeing it on a full size handbag it is a stunning shade.

    arnott, you and your Evelyne look fabulous!
  12. It looks good on you!
  13. Looks good arnott. If I bump into a girl with a Cyclamen Eveyln I know that will be you (I am in Vancouver as well)!!
  14. Perfect!