Wore bag once and color transfer!!!! HELP!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    So I took my beautiful picotin gris tourterelle out today for the first time. Ironically it was to H to exchange a tie with DBF. I get home and notice that a corner and a little bit of the side is slightly bluish. It's not bad but I know its there are its driving me insane. Is there anything I can do for color transfer or is this something that I am just going to have to live with?

    Please help! So stressed!
  2. i think this has been widely discussed and if my memory serves me right, some recommends using baby wipes. if you want to play safe, obviously, best is to bring it back to Hermes.

    i think if you do a search on color transfer, you will find some discussion on this!

    hope it works out well for you!
  3. If it's togo or clemence, I would try baby wipes. Not sure of other skins. As Hanyeu says, you can search for more info.
  4. I've also used a small amount of cetaphil (the gentle skin cleaner) on a soft cloth, and then wipe with a slightly damp cloth. My SA cringes when I say this but it does get out dirt and denim transfer on gris tourterelle togo quite nicely with no residue.
  5. A soft white eraser (the kind you get an office supply store) used gently can lift off pen marks and color transfers if done promptly. Take care not to get to intense with hard rubbing though... Good luck.
  6. Thank for the advice everyone. I used a mac makeup removing wipe quickly and it did the job! I just went out and bought a small pack of baby wipes that will be in the bag all the time.

    I think the jeans were a bit new. I think I'll wash them a couple more times before I wear it with that bag though.

    Sadly the bag will smell a bit more of wipes on that side instead of the divine leather smell but hey i'd rather a light floral scent than a blue bag. I still get the leather smell when I put my head in the bag lol.

    On a positive note now I don't think I'll be as afraid to take it out of the house now. I even packed up the box and have decided that GASP i'll actually be using my bag as much as I can since I love it so much. Plus I just realized that the bag creepily has the craftsman stamp and year letter as me and DBF initials lol. Fate!
  7. When it happens to me I use the same thing doc said a very soft eraser they are very very very soft I get them at hobby lobby wonderful product .
  8. I'm so glad it worked out for you :flowers:.
    Enjoy your lovely bag :smile:.
  9. na294--glad you were able to get the transfer off! I wanted to also mention that I have also used the soft white eraser approach that docride and birkel mentioned it has worked really well for me.
  10. I always use Meltonian cleaner/conditioner. It works great.
  11. I would be careful using makeup remover wipes or anything with fragrance on your bag....
  12. I agree with mistikat. I wouldn't recommend you use it again.
  13. You are lucky, your bag's fine. Makeup removal has removed some of the black dye on my friend's black leather bag!
  14. I know I was taking a huge risk using the makeup wipe but I made sure it was alcohol free. I also used a really light touch! But immediately after I went out and bought the gentlest baby wipes so from now on I am prepared!!!! But all the baby wipes in France have some sort of fragrance but they haven't cause me any issues!

    Thanks so much for everyones help! I almost had a heart attack on saturday lol
  15. i use a leather conditioner on my gris, as it gets pretty dirty after a couple of wears, esp with jeans. i don't know if it's recommended or not, but it does a great job of cleaning up any marks or color transfers!