Words you HATE!

  1. We all know there are words we hate hearing or saying. So to start the ball rolling, I hate two words:

    Moist - it just makes me a bit ill for some reason

    Panties - reminds me a 55 yr old man who is looking at little's under garments.

    Anyone else?
  2. Synergy--it reminds me of monday morning financial meetings with some arse in a suit spewing buzzwords to make himself look smarter.

    Crotch-- it reminds me of a Ken doll's Mangina.

    Those are the only words that I can currently think of that give me hives.
  3. Whatever
  4. Duh.
  5. actually: its just too hard to say correctly
  6. like: when it's used 800 times in a sentence
  7. Ahhh there are so many words I just hate, unfortunately I hate them so much that I can't get myself to write them :wtf:
  8. OK, I dont know how to spell it, but when people are trying to say alright but instead say aw-ight????? not sure of the spelling..but I hate that word.
  9. Ish

    As in...

    "Oh ish, you just walked through the dog poop with your bare feet."

    I'm not sure if this is just a MN thing or not - but it's a hideous word nonetheless...
  10. haha Sweat, Sweatty. WHATEVER, the whole sweat thing just makes me sick.
  11. Really
  12. ****

    it just sounds too dirty for me. i despise it! :yucky:

    **mod's please feel free to take out the U and put an asterik instead if it's more approrpiate
  13. Rectum (puke. i witnessed a colorectal before. don't make me go there!)
    Innit (a chav's way of saying "isn't it?")

    I can't stand it when eastenders speak with their accents (e.g. say "ouse" instead of house, say "mart - ini" instead of martini.) and that kinda stuff.
  14. panties

    and people dropping consonants really bothers me. there are lots more but i can't think of them right now..
  15. F*** I can't even bring myself to write it, horible word! & a few others already mentioned!