wordpast! happy birthday gorgeous!!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    :heart:We love you girl!!:heart:
    Have a FABULOUS day and don't forget to open all your virtual gifts!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. :party::jrs::drinkup:Happy Birthday Word!!!!!!:drinks::happydance::party:

    Hope you have a fab day and get everything you want!!!! :heart:
  3. The party is a little early but where is chaz with the cake?!
  4. ..... i'm waiting for a slice too.......
  5. hehe i thought i was late! here's my bday shout out....

    Happy Happy Birthday Word!!!!


    Sorry it's not chocolate, chocolate cake but i thought this slice was perfect for you :heart:
  6. what are the bday plans?
  7. ^ I really don't know yet! All my friends are mad at me cause I haven't decided. I thought it was MY birthday! hehe
  8. gucci..... isn't that a bit cheap.... only buying one slice???
    word will have to share....
  9. ^^Coco - LOL you are too funny! It's not your bday.. it's Word's! ;)
  10. Word!!!!!! Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!
  11. ^So glad you could finally join the party! LOL We've been waiting for you :party:
  12. Happy Birthday, word!!!

  13. gucci lover">
    How could I miss Word's b'day!! Ok,lets get the cake shared out!
  14. thank you chaz!! Nice you can join us beauty.... xx

    word... update on your birthday plans? Anything arranged with the girls / your BF?