Word to the wise: don't tell people they have a fake

  1. ....even when you know they do.....

    I posted an epinions on Sac Belle and a few other websites that sell super fake LVs for high prices IE: Fake MC Alma for $500. Of course they claim it's real.

    so I wrote on epinions that they sell fakes and gave them 1 star and blah blah blah and I get a few nasty replies telling me that their bags are real and people have taken them to the boutiques to prove it.

    So are these girls just lying? have they been told by LV that their bags are real? or what?

    so frustrating.
  2. If you know for sure that they sell fake bags then IMO you are doing a service. It's kind of like feedback on ebay, not everyone will read it but it will definitely make the people who do more suspicious.

    Who knows, maybe some people did get real bags and good for them. But at least you are posting a warning for others to be more careful.
  3. It's so sad when I look at ebay and see the OBVIOUSLY fake SH*T that people put up and make up all these stories about how authentic it is.

    In real life, I GOT IN TROUBLE for telling people this girl we know has all fake LVs because "no one really cares" and it made me seem like a gossip...
  4. Of course they're lying... it's just so funny when people try to pass their fakes as real bags... :P
  5. They know their bags are fake. Their target market are people who don't know much about fake/real bags. Some people think they are being smart and get "great "deal..
    Some people who is new to designer bags and desperately want to have one will buy the bag from them.
  6. i always find it a bit funnie how the authenticity of a bag is such a touchy subject to all...
    i guess its true that some ppl carry around fakes and try to pass it off as being real so they'd get offended if u tell them their bag is fake...
    on the other hand.. if somebody paid a lot for their bag and you tell them its fake... it makes absolute sense for them to be mad and defensive about it! how are they going to justify spending so much money on absolute crap?
    and you know.. sometimes i wonder... how well do SAs know LV neway? i mean they do seem to mix up a lot of info and not know about nething new... can they really be trusted to authenticate a bag? :shrugs:
  7. I think they are embarassed for spending $500 on a fake, so of course they will defend it because they don't want to believe it themselves.

  8. Very true. I understand it's a super touchy subject so I tried to make it respectful ( I was not snooty and was careful to not make people feel like idiots over it)....but none-the-less. people were pissed! :cursing:
  9. Vsminimoose-- Ugh I'm sorry that happened to you!

    Like someone mentioned above, they are probably so defensive because they know that their bags are fake...don't sweat it...you were only trying to help other future buyers.
  10. it was probably just sellers who are calling you a liar. What losers.
  11. Some people just "don't get it" and think that, at worst, a fake saves them some £££/$$$....

    There is nothing we can do to help them, I'm afraid.

  12. You know it's SO true that you can't tell people with fakes that they're carrying a fake!!

    I was at a party about a month ago and I had my Speedy 25 with me and this other girl was there (who I'd seen a few times carrying fakes) and she had a Perfo Speedy 30 that was SOOOO fake. :wtf:

    Well she came up to me and we started chatting and she complimented my bag and I said thank you and then didn't say anything about her bag (it's a fake!!! I'm not gonna compliment it!!). Then she proceeds to tell me how her friend went to Hong Kong and brought back this bag for her (because she has a "hook up" for really cheap authentic LV's there apparently) and how she only paid $200 for it. :Push:

    I was like, "Uhhh...I'm NOT trying to burst your bubble here...but your bag is fake...so I would be giving it back to your friend and try to get your money back for it".

    She got SOOO pissed and was like "well how do I know YOURS isn't the fake". And I'm like, "uhhh clearly you can see the difference in quality, the leather handles, etc."

    So anyway...my point is....from now on I'm just gonna smile and nod and pretend I have NO IDEA!! :angel:
  13. OMG....:lol: You are so brave...I would not have said one word! :roflmfao:
  14. Unfortunately, a lot of people actually believe they're real. I have friends who always go to canal street to buy "stolen" rolexes. I don't know anything about watches, but I can tell they're fake as soon as they see them. My friends honestly believe they're real and don't mind paying $100+.
  15. Some fakes are so damn obvious that you would have to know they are fake! If I was carrying a fake and someone noticed, I´d be embarrassed not mad.