Word on the Street??

  1. So I saw the Gold Street PM for the first time IRL last week while in London and I really liked it! I didn't ask to have a closer look at it though. As I had already had so many communication problems asking to see a Noe and the Love Bandeau, I just couldn't be bothered to ask....(It had been a long sleepless few days!) :sleepy:

    So when I was in my usual LV boutitque yday, my friend asked about this bag.....and well I think I want/need this bag!!!!! :heart:

    It is just not what I expected, the lining inside is beautiful, the gold and silver braided leather...and it looked great on. Even my boyf was super impressed with it :tup:

    So bascially what I want to know is....

    Should I get it? I was thinking of getting the Berkley but I don't like that as much as I love the street....:graucho:
  2. dont settle for like, if it is LoVe then go for it!!!!! if i were to single out a bag from the women's S/S 2007 show collection it would be this :tup: o
  3. Awesome! :smile:

    How do you reckon this bag will look in a year or two? I don't want something that in a year's time I can't use if you kwim? I think this is the my biggest worry about the Street. :sweatdrop:
  4. I have this bag and love it .. it is such a good casual bag:tup: I don't really think about what-if etc??? As that could apply to any of LV limited bags as they all date....if you know you will use it..then go for it:heart:
  5. the street is gorgeous. saw it yesterday in orange. it's very chic and i think it will always be in fashion since those types of braided bags have been around since forever!
  6. in my opinion, it is the least trendy of all the runway bags this season. the shape and material is pretty much conservative. as for metallic bags in general, i think they'll be around for a while. there's a couple of members here who own one. im sure they can give you a better opinion on the bag ;)
  7. I love this bag! I think it will stand the test of time for sure! If I hadn't already bought a few LE items from this season I would certainly get the Shopper! Go for it!
  8. I think it is very cute and pretty!!
  9. i love the gold one!
  10. I have never been attracted to the LE bags until this year....:graucho: now there are so many I want!!

    Shalomjude - how's the bags holding up? Have you used it in the rain yet? As my SA said it isn't waterproof.
  11. It is going well .. I like that I can wear it on my shoulder too .. I don't know about the issue with rain as it hasn't rained here for weeks and I would use damier in the rain anyway......the leather is starting to soften a little too:heart:
  12. I think you should get it. It's limited edition and you fell in love with it. Go get it!!
  13. yeah I prefered wearing it on the shoulder :heart: But I do like the way you can carry it in the hand or on the shoulder.

    It's been so rainy here - the rain was the reason I was thinking of getting the berkley in ebony, but I just dont love it as much as the Street.

    Oh it was so nice, I just kept trying it on in diff ways while I was looking at it. :drool:
  14. Definitely get the Gold Street (in gold)!!! :graucho:
  15. Is it ok to get a LE bag that you have not been in love with since the start though? I mean I'm not being impulsive am I?!?! :sweatdrop: