Word on the BV spring sale

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  1. So I called the BV in Atlantic City and got word that their pre-sale starts on June 4th and the actual sale starts on June 6th. (Forgive my naivety, but I don't know the actual names of all their colors.) She told me the colors they'll have on sale are the purple, salmon/hot pink, light pink (poudre) and lilac. The discount will be 30%. I only inquired about the veneta style, so the catena veneta will be on sale, as well as the veneta marquise. The SA who helped me was Joyce and she was absolutely wonderful. She couldn't take my credit card down, but she did take my name & number. They'll start calling customers on June 4th for their orders & CCs and you can pick it up on June 6th (or have it shipped, in my case!) I put my name down for a medium noce marquise veneta--it'll be my first BV! :yahoo:
  2. thanks for the info!
  3. Congratulations, mycarryon! Your first BV calls for a celebration--:party: Please post pics when you get it--I'd love to see the Marquise on a real person, not just the website.
  4. Congrats, mycarryon! And you don't have to worry about the BV being authentic or not (like from ebay). It's brand new too (no ink stains)! :jammin:
  5. So true, so true (about the authenticity questions--think I've posted enough?) Thanks so much! I can't wait!!!! BV has got themselves a new fan! I will be sure to post the pics as soon as I get it.
    Thanks for all the authenticity advice though, ms piggy, boxermom, and marly.
  6. Do you know if they will have any of the "Julie" bags? The rope handle style in white? I saw Neiman's has in on sale 30% off right tnow but I have had so many horrible experiences with Neimans I don't want to order from them = /
  7. I honestly don't know, since I didn't ask about that bag. I would ask Joyce, if I were you; she was so nice and really patient with me. 609-343-0014. Good luck! And the good thing is, it's in the Caesar shops in Atlantic City which is usually open late (I think 11pm or midnight on weekends)
  8. I called to see if any Old Petra items would be on sale and was told no. Since I was on the phone, I asked if they had any Julie's in seasonal colors and was also told no. Very unsuccessful!
  9. Hi! Was that a physical Neiman's or .com? Thanks!
  10. Hi ladies - I have two questions.

    One, does anyone know the name of the model - it's sort of bowleresque in shape with inlaid chain. There's an intrecciato wallet I saw somewhere (I forget where) with the same chain detailing.

    Two, is it still confirmed that the large Campana still only comes in brown/black?
  11. This may sound like a silly question - since I'm still new to the bv fan club - but will any of the season's clothes be on sale too? I love all the pink dresses and it would be amazing if I could somehow scrape together enough money to own a piece from the collection!
  12. If you are lucky, you might get the Julie bag with 50% off during sales. That's what I got from the previous sale in London. The SA told me that bags without woven are normally 50% off during the sales.
  13. Is this sale happening in all BV boutiques here in the US?
  14. [/B]
    That's a classy-looking bag, dervifal.

    I've previously seen bags on sale in the US BV shops, so I'd expect they will have some items at reduced prices.