Word of the Day

  1. I've been subscribing to the "Word of the Day" for some time now and have always wanted to work the word of the day into a conversation for that day. Well, you may have guessed that isn't always possible.
    So here is the challenge.
    I'm going to post all the "Words of the Day" daily as I get them, with definitions and suggested usage and your mission is to try to use the word in one post for that day. And if you do, please use it in bold red letters so others will see how you - used the Word o' the Day....(you will also become an honorary member of the word of the day club which grants you free admission to Club Bagnshoo....;))

    Ready? Heres today's -

    Word of the Day:
    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Absquatulate [/FONT][FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif](verb)[/FONT]
    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Pronunciation: [ahb-'sqwah-chu-leyt]
    Definition: (Humorous slang) (1) To depart, abscond, take off; to die. (2) To argue.
    Usage: The only sure meaning is: take off, bug out, hit the road.
    Suggested Usage: "Duffy seems to have absquatulated with my date while I was in the bathroom; would you like to dance?"

  2. Okay so you guys are chicken! Heres todays word and I will use it one of my posts this evening...

    Word of the Day:

    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Genuflection [/FONT][FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif](noun)[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Pronunciation: [jen-yê-'flek-shên][/FONT]
    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Definition: (1) Bowing on one knee as a sign of respect; (2) kow-towing, groveling.[/FONT]
    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
    [FONT=arial, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif]Suggested Usage: As long as sycophants are around, we will find metaphorical uses for today's word: "Rathbone's genuflection around the president in the board room gets on everyone's nerves." [/FONT]
  3. I just read this one in a book today:

    Egregious (adjective)

    Pronunciation: \i-'gre-jes\

    Definition: 1. conspicuous; especially :conspicuously bad: flagrant

    Let us use it in a sentence! "The surgeon's egregious errors during the procedure resulted in the cardiac arrest and subsequent death of the patient."

    This is fun!
  4. ^^^yeah but use it in one of your posts this evening.....in another thread....people will go running to the dictionary!
  5. well I can see this is a smashing success! :lol: But I'm not giving up! We are going to be the forum with the best vocabulary on the internet damnit!

    Word of the Day:

    Latitudinarian (adj)

    Pronunciation: [læ-tê-tyu-dê-'ne-ri-yên or læ-dê-]
    Definition: Tolerating diversity of belief and behavior, particularly with reference to religion; favoring latitude in thought or conduct.
    Suggested Usage: Have you ever felt like saying, "I'm as latitudinarian as the next mom but I draw the line at permitting tattoos on the bodies of people who came from my body without them"