Woot! Zebra ballerinas!

  1. I will admit it, I'm SO cheap when it comes to shoes that I squeak when I walk. I know I'm not the only one so I' know it's not a rare disease on this board. I went bargain hunting for some cute ballerinas to wear with jeans this fall. Well lo and behold, I found these! Alloy.com had these pleather/suede zebra ballerinas! I'm a sucker for zebra and they were only $29.50! :nuts:

  2. Very cute!!
  3. yes i admit it too..... am another shoe cheapie here=) and i dont pedicure my toes!
  4. Wow! I thought I was the only cheap one on here. Did those flats come in different colors or designs?
  5. Those are adorable! I love zebra, too.
  6. that's a steal!congrats:welcome:
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