WOOT! I bought something from elux...

  1. Yay! I just placed an order with elux for a....

    Damier Speedy!!

    To all the people who've been of such great help... John for patiently answering all my stupid questions, Syntagma for all the speedy modelling when asked, Yeuxhonnetes for answering my questions in the middle of your finals..Traci for answering embarassing questions about your height and weight...

    bernz84 and pinkiwhatever99 for patiently waiting with me...hlfinn for offering to shop with me when I was upset...

    Thank you! :heart:
  2. Yay, congratulations!!! I'm excited for you. :yahoo:
  3. Congrats:yahoo:
  4. Congrats!:woohoo:

    I love mine...it's such a great all-around bag!
  5. Congrats!! You will love it! Mine is so much prettier IRL!
  6. Ooooh, congrats Merika! The Damier speedy is very beautiful, classy. I love mine, and I'm sure you will too!

    25 or 30?
  7. WOOT! LOL. Everyone at my school says woot. Enjoy your new speedy. Did you fet a 25 0r 30? Ebene or Azur?
  8. I bought a 25 ebene. (It's still raining up here in CT so I didn't buy the azur though I did catch a couple on elux and let them go).
  9. :yahoo: congrats!!
  10. That's one of the best things about Damier ebene; it's all-weather!
  11. congrats! i'm sure you'll love it!
  12. ooooh congrats! That's such a beautiful bag!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. congrats, great buy
  15. Congrats!!!