Woot! Going to Vegas Baby!!!!!!!!

  1. WOW..this is soooo last minute, but I am soooo excited!! My mom just bought a dog and the breeder lives in Vegas. Well.. as it turns out, my mom is sick and cannot drive out there, so she asked if I could go for her to pick up the dog!! It is about 3 1/2 - 4 hours of a drive...BUT.....There is the Barstow outlet *THIS ONE HAS GOODIES!!* and then the Vegas outlets!!! I have never been to the Vegas outlets, but the Barstow one has lots of good stuff there. I am packing as we speak and on the phone with Enterprise and renting a big ole honkin SUV to be able to carry this dog back. I am so stinkin excited to go...I hope I come back with LOTS of goodies! Especially after that stupid situation I had on Ebay a few days ago..this makes me feel SO much better! :wlae:
  2. Wow - how exciting!!! 3-4 hours drive is a common thing where I live. That's how long it takes me to get to any big city! haha!

    What kind of dog did your mom get? Must be a big one?!

    I hope you find TONS of goodies!!!
  3. good luck on your trip! get lots of good stuff :smile:
  4. Have fun on your trip! Looking forward to seeing all those goodies!
  5. Oh that rocks! I've been to Vegas a few times, but never while I was a Coach lover, so I never got to go to the outlets! Have an awesome time! I love a good drive sometimes. It's great to put on your favorite music and just rock out while on the highway. I especially like the drive to Vegas, it's peaceful. *I used to live in San Diego so drove it a few times*

    If you see a scribble flower ponytail scarf I think you should get it so I can live vicariously through you! *LOL* Those things are so stinkin' cute.
  6. Have fun on your trip and good luck ^-^!
  7. go to alllll the outlets.

    las vegas outlet center
    las vegas premium outlets
    they're all right off the highway, you can hit all 4 coach outlets!
  8. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think she should buy us all a souvenir? Don't you? :yes::nuts:
  9. I'm off to Vegas next Thursday and cannot wait to hit the Coach and Burberry outlets. Then I just have to hope I can get it all across the border without having to pay major duty.
  10. wowwwww lucky you!!!
  11. Have a great time! Hopefully it'll make up for your ebay catastrophe!
  12. Have a great time and happy shopping!
  13. how exciting! i wish it was me on that trip!
  14. I want to go! Have a great time and drive safely!
  15. ohhh yeah! i luuuuv vegas! it's the place to be...but you're not going to be on the strip but just saying "vegas" gives me enough excitement. yay! woot woot! have a fun time on your shopping! buy buy buy!! and come back with the doggie too..don't forget..hehe (haha, accidently leave it in the mall or have it get lost) ;)