Woot: $29.99 Apple 1 GB Ipod Shuffle refurb

  1. Dish out another $20 ($15 if you count shipping) and you can buy the 2nd generation iPod shuffle. The 1GB 2nd gen shuffle is discontinuing to make room for the upcoming 2GB shuffle ($69).

    My bookstores selling the 2nd gen for $44. =D
  2. for 15 more dollars you can get a brand new current generation iPod shuffle

  3. ^^ Sounds like a better deal. My ex-bf used to visit this site all the time.. but that's irrelevant, haha.
  4. Where are they selling this one?
  5. ^^^ Nevermind. They are $49.99 on Apple's website.
  6. They're selling these on Overstock for $41.99, but I think you can find some coupon codes for Overstock to make it cheaper. The only thing is, the ones on Overstock are refurbished.
  7. Oh, ok, thanks.
  8. Love woot!!!

    Check out woot's other sites:

    http://www.woot.com (the original)

    1 item per day until it sells out.

    PS the original woot site has "woot-off's" that are amazing - one item after the other after the other of great deals. (well lots of great deals, some crap.. lol)
  9. I always forget about woot. I need to check and see if I can get a mail from them of their daily deal.
  10. Every morning when Im drying my hair (yes, in the home office) I check these deal a day sites:

    sellout.woot.com (in conjunction with Y! shopping)

    Ive gotten a lot of neat things from these sites, and sometimes you can get really good deals. The "discuss this" forum section on woot will also show comparison shopping and gives good info before buying.
  11. Thanks for all of these!!! What are some of the best deals you've gotten?
  12. Ive gotten a few good things! Lets see, from Yugster I got a Pier One mystery box, it came with 5 glass trays for candlescapes that I use as serving platters. Theyre really nice, still had the tags on them that showed they were sold for about $110 but I got them for $14.

    From Woot! I got a Santoku knife set with a cleaver for $10, theyre really nice. Also an mp3 alarm clock for $20 and my favorite - a set of 4 golf balls that light up for 5 minutes after you hit them for night golf - $5.

    I have a couple of woot shirts as well, one labels the internal organs on a map that looks like the DC Metro System, and another that went to my brother looks like the starbucks logo but says "Fivebucks Coffee" instead - both $10

    Shnoop I have only ever bought mystery bags, but today they are offering Dior sunglasses for $80!


    Fruper got me 10 LED flashlights shaped like pigs that I used as stocking stuffers, $5

    Atomic Shopping got me a pasta maker ($8) a conair ion blowdryer ($9) and some other random things.
  13. I have had such horrible luck buying refurbs in the past that I can't bring myself to do it again.
  14. Well I got the email from Apple and couldn't resist. I ordered a purple shuffle from them and got free shipping. It arrived yesterday (3 days). Today we went to Sam's. They are selling the same Shuffles for 74.82!! So I feel I got a really great deal when I can outdo Sam's by 25 dollars!!:yahoo: