Woops.... York outlet reveal!

  1. bays tote lily.............????????????
  2. excited I love reveals .
  3. You are very close :biggrin: one of the 2 is correct :smile:
  4. I'm here!
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378923961.679008.jpg
  6. Bays tote oak
  7. Loving crisp hotel bed in shot !!!
  8. I agree bays tote oak
  9. Nope, I looked at it, but I'm not really in a stage of my life where I would use the bag, I found it to be quite big
  10. Little clue, but you already knew the colour :biggrin:

  11. OK - and I completely agree - then it's SBS!!!!

    Hurrah! I remember your reveals with the black one which made me want this bag! So chic!
  12. Haha thx :smile: we are staying at the Cedar Court Grand, its a lovely hotel, would definitely recommend it when going to York :smile:
  13. They had a black one that was in perfect condition!
  14. Oh that is interesting.....!
  15. And here it is, my new SBS in oak :biggrin:



    All summer I was thinking I wanted my black sbs in oak. I never thought they would have it in the outlet! They had 4 in stock, so I'm sorry ladies but I picked the most beautiful one ;)