Woooooooooooohooooooo Surprise!

  1. I was getting my black metallic with g/h as expected...I really really wanted the matte black with g/h but being the Chaneloholic that I am decided to just go for it...My shockkkkkk when I walked in just as I was getting a call informing me that my purple reissue had arrived...it is NOTHINGGGG LIKE THE PICTURES...ITS THE MOST GORGEOUS GORGEOUS BAG!
    I fell in loooooooove and its my first 227! (I usually go for 226) It was the most beautiful day ever :biggrin:
    I tried to take pics to post but they wont come out the stunning way that it is in real life...Im in heaven :smile:
  2. Wooooooooohooooooo :woohoo: :nuts:
    congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaatssss ... am really happy for you :yahoo:
    isn't the 227 the perfect size ?? :love:

    PixxX pleeeeeeeeeeease :heart:
  3. wow! Congratulations! So happy for u!
  4. i'm happy to hear that, congrats! It's a fabulous bag, great size. I love size 227 than 226.

    Wuld love to see pics, pls post soon~
  5. Contrats....glad you are in :heart:...isnt is a great feeling!
  6. congratulations! ~ but i think it looks gorgeous in all the pics too! :love:
  7. congrats on your first 227! maybe one day i will take the plunge for a bigger 2.55 bag too. :p
  8. Thank you sooo girls xx
  9. congrats! i am so happy for you! cnt wait to see pics.
  10. Any pics yet?
  11. the black metallic is the most gorgeous or the purple? can't tell from your post :shame:
  12. CONGRATS!!! The purple IRL is stunning!
  13. congrat's! wear in good health!
  14. Congrats on your new goodies.
  15. Congrats! I love the 227 size too! Many happy times with your new bag.