WooooHOOOO! 04 Marron finally arrived!

  1. Yay! My 04 Marron city arrived just now! and she is beautiful! The color of cedar! :love: Its a wonderful complement to my ink! I love the color combos- its raining now so I cant take pics, but I'll have a photoshoot if it dries up soon!

    Its such a RED brown color! Its more brown than say, the grenat or bordeaux, but it is definetly in the same family! I was really surprised how much red undertone there was. and the leather... THE LEATHER... it totally collapses as opposed to my ink city (which i thought was so soft and floppy) but this bag... its like made of fabric. There is no structure to the structure. super floppy and squishy. it needs no apple lotion at all! the leather on the 06 apple lotioned is super soft and silky, thicker and more dense while the 04 unlotioned is fluffy almost- so light and airy and S-O-F-T! I'll have to take pics to compare them. Also the 04 is shinier than the 06 post-lotion- there is a thin glaze (unlike the 05 glazed donut look though) it just seems to have a thin film of shine that doesnt add any thickness or support... even on the lotioned and massaged ink city there is a lot more support from the leather and the making in general. the bottom sits very flat and even on the 06 ink in comparison to the 04, which just sags and makes for a super-slouchy look.
  2. Congrats, Mocean!!!! She sounds gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see pics! The leather sounds fantastic!!!:love:
  3. YESS!!! 04 leather is just AMAZING!! Super soooooooft... Even the soft smooshy s/s05 leather doesn't compare!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 04 marron city, mocean!!! Hope to see pics soon!!! :love:
  4. Congrats! Can't wait for pics!
  5. Congrats mocean! Pics pics pics!:love:
  6. Oh mocean .... I know the '04 leather .... it's just the BEST imo :love:! CONGRATS :flowers: .... please post pics !
  7. Congrats mocean!! I can't wait to see the pics. I have heard that the 04 marron leather is especially soft and squishy :love:
  8. Congrats!
  9. I am very happy for you (though I am jealous) as this is on the top of my want list. Such a tease with all these marron twiggys on ebay (because the twiggy style isn't for me). Can't wait for pics!
  10. congrats--dying to see pics!
  11. Congrats! I'm sure it's beauty!!!! Cannot wait to see pics!!!
  12. mocean, pics!!! i wanna see that gorgeous bag.
  13. mocean - congrats on the new b-bag!!! wee hee!
  14. wow, congrats! can't wait for pictures!
  15. Love, Love, LOVE the Marron - I've never seen one bag in this color with less than perfect leather and the color is sooooooo awesome: it's such a rich, warm neutral with a kick........

    So glad you got yours - congrats and enjoy it!!