Wooohooo Twiggers' Got Her First Chanel..WOO WOO *PICS*


May 7, 2006
So, first I would just like to thank all of the wonderful ladies here for all of their help when I was making my decision, especially Swanky & Mick!!!!!

Alrighty....to the good stuff now LOL My very very first Chanel arrived yesterday!!!!! I really needed a new tote after selling all my LVs...a love my Bals, but sometimes a gal just needs a structured bag! I was never really 'into' Chanel because I thought it was a little boring (don't shoot me....I obviously don't think that now LOL)....so this bag was so classic and not in your face! As a grad student, and one day a professor, this will be perfect!!!

I was kind of bummed I couldn't take her out today...but with all the snow and rain I didn't want to chance it!!!

So...I present my wonderful GST with gold hardware (purchased pre-increase at Saks for $1895):


Some crappy modeling pics in my PJs this morning LOL

This bag seriously sits so comfortably on my shoulder!!! While I was waiting for it to arrive I was even thinking ... 'hmmm maybe I won't like it and then I can buy 2 Bbags' LOL.....but nope...I LOVE it!!!!!

Couple questions....

I can wear this in the rain/snow without problems right?

Should I store it with all the stuffing in it, or does it matter?

Someone in another thread mentioned a little trick for making sure they don't slide off your shoulder...what was it again?

Anything else I need to know in terms of care of the caviar leather?

And finally, not to sound dumb...but what kind of animal is caviar leather??? LOL


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Feb 5, 2006
Congrats Twiggers! Caviar is the easiest leather to take care of. Especially in black. Also it's really durable.


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Dec 6, 2006
love it twiggers. Congrats. I think this bag is low maintenance from what i've read.
Mar 13, 2006
Great choice!!!! Love it on you!

This bag is really easy to take care of. If it gets wet, just use soft cloth on it (don't rub it though). And don't use baby wipes - they make leather dry (even caviar! Happened to me and at least one other tPFer). Other than that, you don't really have to do anything "special" to caviar leather. It takes a good beating! :yes:

This bag is structured on its own, so I don't think it matters if you stuff it or not. Just keep it in upright position when you store it. Maybe someone else had more experience with storing GSTs and can help you more...

Congrats on your purchase!


Jan 12, 2006
Do you LOVE it!?
Looks great on you and is a perfect 1st Chanel!!

You can carry her in the rain or snow but obviously trying not to let her get too wet, but some drops of water will not hurt her.
If you plan on using her for years, I'd recommend stuffing her and laying her on her side for storage.
It's structured but not so heavily so that she'll be perfectly taut forever.
They can soften on the bottom corners after lots of use and carrying lots of heavy items. Laying ehr on her side will keep the weight off the bottom corners.


Sep 26, 2006
woohoo! yeah! :yahoo:you are too cute in those jammies....:P
caviar is very durable...i agree with above. wipe it off if wet, but otherwise, no treatment needed. you are good to go...:tup:
the shoulder trick is crossing one strap over the other on the shoulder to keep them secure.:yes:
i'd store it stuffed with the tissue paper it came with.
yuo're fine, it is not a fussy bag, it is a use it and love it bag!:wlae:

(shhh.....saturday is the date for the sumthin' sumthin' we were discussing....):graucho:
we'll be sorta kinda twins...;)