Wooohooo! My Bloomies deals!

  1. I got a Ciao Ciao and a Dolce in Inferno today for $130 total!!!:wlae:

  2. Sweeeeeet. Which bloomies that you go?
  3. The one in Sherman Oaks- is that Fashion Square? I think so. They have a couple left- in Inferno they have a Bella. In Paradiso they have 3 Ciao Ciao's and another but I can't remember what it was....
    They are marked down and then an additional 30% off. The Ciao Ciao's are $119 then additional 30% off.

    There is also a backpack in Inferno but they haven't (and won"t:push: ) mark it down.
  4. oooohhhh next goal....raid bloomies
  5. omg, what a deal!
  6. YAY another place to raid!!
  7. They're on sale at Bloomies? Ooh I must raid the one here :yes:

    That is a nice deal!
  8. wah such a great deal! :biggrin:
  9. Yes ladies, another store to hit up! Lets hope they still have tokies! At that price, I would expect them to be all gone.
  10. so funny- when I was standing in line at the register with 4 Tokis in my hand (backpack- trying to get them to mark down Inferno, a Paradiso Ciao Ciao because the Inferno one wasn't marked down then the 2 I actually bought) the lady in front of me starts STARING (oh and I am wearing my Fumo Ciao Ciao and holding my porto cuz I use it as a credit card holder) and then she says REALLY LOUD "those are not all for you are they?":wtf:

    Agh! I was like....'ummm, yeah, they're for me....":shocked:

    It was a PF moment....
  11. That is too funny! :roflmfao:
  12. :roflmfao: I took my roommate with me to the macy's sale last week and I got a paradiso scuola and bambino. My roommate got the paradiso bella and inforno dolce I believe. Plus we asked the SA if there were any in back but she only came out with another lesportsac bag that was HUGE originally $94.00 and on sale for $19.50... So we asked the desk if they could hold them all for us so we could walk around the store... when we came back the girl was like :wtf: "You're not getting all of them are you?? I thought you were only deciding which one to pick!" :sweatdrop: she goes to the same university tho so she understood after she saw the prices :graucho: she was kind of wishing she had known they were on sale (it was her 3rd day at work or something)
  13. Congras on such awesome deals. I wish our Macys had Tokidoki so I could see in person what deals I could find.
  14. Bloomies sale at select stores next tues/wed/thur- get $25 off $100 with bloomies card and if yu open a card then....and additional 15% could be saved!!!!
  15. The other lesportsac bag for 19.50 was TD too????