Wooohooo.. cant contain my excitement!!!


Bag Addict
Jun 23, 2006
Thanks to this forum and all you lovely ladies with your beaaaaautiful bags I have reaaaaally gone Chanel crazy, big time!! Before this I was more of a Gucci and Dior girl.

In the last two weeks I've purchased two flap bags: one classic medium caviar flap in black with silver hardware and one modern chain flap in grey. The modern chain just arrived :yahoo: but I'm at the office so I've had to try and tone down my excitement in case I come off as a loon to everyone here :nuts: I'll have to wait another 6 hours before I can rush home and properly adore it ;) Even my toes are tingling with excitement! :P

I'll put pictures up later!! :wlae:
yay! i'm so excited for you! i just got my modern chain flap a few days ago! i'm loving her! i'm debating on getting the white one. she is my new precious! haha

post pics! i haven't seen the grey color!
Hi again ladies... I finally had time to properly look at the bag and take pics and let me tell you it isn't good news. Somehow the bag just doesnt feel right. It doesn't have that soft chanel feel. I know it's calfskin and isn't meant to be as soft as the lambskin but somehow i dunno...I'm so scared that I've been scammed and been sold a fake now :cry: Those of you who have the modern chain please please let me know what yours are like. I have attached pictures. The quality isn't great, i had to take them on my camera phone. The colour is more browny-grey, kinda taupe. The pic with the 3 bags are my black caviar with silver hardware, my beige lambskin with gold hardware and the modern chain flap. Please let me know if it looks right :sos:


Gorgeous bags! The modern chain looks authentic to me. The MC line has a distressed, dull leather it's not supposed to look like the caviar at all. When I saw the grey MC flap in real life it did appear to be more of a taupe than a grey.
Congrats on your new bag! The bag does look real to me even though I have only touched and seen the white MC flap before. Do u think u could bring it down to Chanel to have it authenticated? I could access the auction page but how come there is only one picture for such an expensive bag?
happie_berrie: We dont have a Chanel boutique where I am at and the closest one is probably about a 2 hour flight away :sad: The seller did email me more pictures of the interior and exterior before I decided to buy it.
Do you have more pictures? I hate to try to authenticate based on one picture. How about pictures of the hologram, the screws on the back of the CC closure, the numbers on the authenticity card, etc.

BTW, because the one picture you posted looks good so far I would say you were very lucky with eBay - I see you are an eBay newbie (2 feedback) - please be very careful. Your eBay ID says you are in Brunei?