Wooo woooo 6000 Fun posts

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  1. Hit another milestone just now....happy 6000!!! Unfortunately it won't equate to a $6000 purse...but my Dentelle speedy should be out soon!

    Anywho....just wanted to give yet another shout out to the wonderful Vlad & Megs for creating such a wonderful place!!!!
  2. Yay, congrats :yahoo:
    I registeret two months before you and haven't even reached 1500 :shame:
  3. Thanks sweet! I thought I remembered you mentioning that you were off tPF for awhile...so that's probably why :smile:
  4. Yeah, if I didn't expatriate to Russia for some time, I would probably have stayed home all day and posted here (like I do now, lol), but I'm ready to make up for all that now:boxing::smile:
  5. Congratulations! 6K is a whole lot of chatting! :yes:
  6. Congrats on the 6k!
  7. Thanks all!
  8. That would have been good, wouldn't it?, we would all be posting like mad:yes:
    Congrats on your 6000 and I join you in appreciation of Vlad and Megs, TPF is something else!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. congrats ! Ive loved posting with you...even though I only have just over 2,000 LOL :smile:
  10. congrats!
  11. Congrats!!!
  12. Yay, congrats!
  13. Thanks all! Yea....imagine if every post = a dollar. LOL this board would be 100x as active LOL
  14. Congrats, Twiggs!!! I love reading your posts! Keep them coming!!
  15. Congrats!!!!!!!