Wooo Hooo!!

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  1. I Accomplished a few things today:

    1) I have a SA! He knows me now! woo hoo :yahoo:
    2) No more faxing my CC info!!!! woo hoo!!! :yahoo: which was the reason why I called b/c I wanted to give him my CC info TODAY so when the Flat Pouch came out next THURS he can just ring it through as I have class that day and won't have a lunch break until 2pm and by that time I don't want them to sell my Flat Pouch cuz I took too long to answer....and when I asked him if he was going to fax it to me, he said he has my info so no need! woo hoo!! Which is like a BIIIIG relief for me cuz i hate using our fax maching at work for personal reasons!

    3) I"M GETTING THE FLAT POUCH IN POMME D'AMOUR!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :nuts: :love:
  2. Congratulations:yahoo:
  3. that is great news congrats!!!
  4. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics! ;)
  5. I'm getting mine next thursday too! I'm excited for you Jill!:biggrin: :balloon: :biggrin:
  6. congrats!!!
  7. Yay! That's great news. You must be excited about your Pomme d'amour flat pouch!
  8. ooh nice! Congrats on finding your personnal SA and ur flat puch!
  9. aww sounds like you had a good day!!.
    AND IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! make sure you post pictures right away haha
  10. How cool! You got alot done.. not to mention you're getting the flat puch next week!!! How exciting.
  11. Yay! That's awesome.
  12. thanks everyone!!!! I'm soo excited for the flat pouch..I keep debating between that and a pochette..but as I already have an azur pochette, the flat pouch would be my first vernis piece and it'd be different!!!

    I prolly gotta wait like another week cuz they ship it out but that's okay!! I'm soo excited!!!!
  13. great news, congrats!
  14. Yay =)
  15. thats awesome.