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  1. I'm so excited... I just received my pink/purple optic suede wristlet in the mail today. I know it's not a "new" item, but I'm soooo excited! It's so pretty and suedey/leathery smelling! lol. I opened it up in the car and started singing :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!! Pics please!
  3. Pics pics pics!!! Don't tease us like that ;) hehehe congrats, sounds like you are SUPER excited about it! :yahoo:
  4. Very cool! Congrats to ya. And by the way who cares if its a new item, I think that finding an older item that isnt made anymore is actually a lot more fun!
  5. Congrats, I'd LOVE to see pics!
  6. o congrats! how fun! i love wristlets... they have been such a huge organizer to my bags! show us pics!! :P
  7. I totally agree!!! Ive been having more fun finding stuff on ebay lately!!! Anyone can walk into the store and buy a bag (and i do that too, but...!) Congrats - I saw those on ebay and was considering one for myself. Pics please!!
  8. Congrats! I cant wait to see the pics :smile:
  9. I come bearing pictures! It's sooo pretty, haha. I haven't decided what I'm gonna put in it yet. I think I'm just gonna look at it for a few days :P

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  10. coool! take care of the suede so it'll stay pretty
  11. awhhhhhhhhhh :smile: so pretty!
  12. The colors are so pretty!
  13. Thanks :love: What do you suggest for cleaning it? Just a suede brush after every use or is there something else I could use?