wooo hoo!! My 2nd Gucci!!

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  1. Medium Brown Horsebit!! :yahoo: such a great bag!! but after using my abby since January the circular zipper is kinda throwing me off..not as easy to get into as the abbey, but I still loove it! Love the color especially!!
    DSC03748.JPG DSC03749.JPG DSC03704.JPG
  2. Congrats...the horsebit hobo is my absolute fav bag..I have the same in black leather...it's definitely a classic!
  3. thanks! me too, after I saw JS carrying the beige mono, this brown one, and the pink I fell in love. I like the larger horsebit style, but it does get heavy though. so i prefer the Medium...the capacity is amazing..with a little bit of organization, I can fit alot!
  4. Congrats!It's soo pretty.
  5. LOVE the brown leather horsebit hobo. Looks great on ya!
  6. Congrats !! girl Envy ...
  7. Congrats! That's such a fab bag.
  8. congrats and enjoy!
  9. absolutely gorgeous - the leather looks delicious! Congrats!
  10. i have this bag!!!! I love it!!! looks great on you!
  11. Hot bag - congrats!:smile:
  12. thanks everyone!! i totally love this bag, especially during cloudy days when I dont' want to risk my LV's...LOL. like today. and it's a great shopping tote! woo hoo!
  13. Wow! Thanks for sharing...I love BOTH your bags!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. Thanks for sharing! Congrats :yes: