Woolite on Legacy Lining, etc.

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  1. Hi all! I did a search and saw that some of our Coachies recommend diluted Woolite to clean Legacy lining. Can anyone tell me what method you used/recommend? Blotting at the lining with a damp cloth with the Woolite solution on it? Trying to pull the lining out and wetting it more thoroughly without wetting the leather?

    My black Ali's lining is quite dingy.

    Also...I got an amazing Goodwill find today--a lime green Hamptons Weekend Satin hobo for $8.00!!!! :yahoo: (An authentic amongst a bunch of ugly fakes!) It's in great condition but is a little dirty. Can I handwash it with Woolite?

    TIA for advice!
  2. I have no idea whether or not it's safe to use Woolite, so I can't help you there, but wow...congrats on finding an amazing deal! :tup:

    ...And now I'm bumping this thread so that maybe someone else will see it and be able to answer your question.
  3. I am not sure about that it depends on how soiled it is I use baby wipes alot but that is far as I am willing to go.
  4. Some have said that the Tide To Go sticks work well.
  5. I have no children, thus no baby wipes readily available, but I've been using the little packaged towelettes you get from some restaurants (i've also seen them boxed up in packages of 25 at the grocery store) to clean my legacy linings. It's great on just general dirt.... I was also able to get a lip gloss stain out although it took about 3 towelettes before it was completely out.
    I also recently bought a bag on the bay that had quite a few pen marks in it. I dabbed a q-tip in hairspray, and daubed at the pen marks till they came out, then followed up w/ the towelettes once the lining had dried (as the hair spray did leave little ring-spots).
    I haven't tried Woolite yet, since the towelettes seem to be working for me so far!!
  6. Anymore suggestions? I'm very curious as well, my legacy shoulder's lining has dirt spots all over it!
  7. I'm so glad you said this! I always keep the towelettes and throw them in our kitchen junk drawer, haha :shame: DB makes fun of me and says I never use them. Looks like I have a reason to now! :nuts:
  8. I do the same thing (that and leaving them in my car) and then inevitably when I need to use one, they've dried out....
  9. I've used Woolite to clean out a few bags!

    Here's my method:

    - Pull out lining and use "Tide to Go" stick on ink marks, other more permanent stains.
    - Dilute about 1/8 or 1/4 cup in a bowl of warm water (more Woolite if the bowl is larger).
    - Leave bowl in sink
    - Place a large towel on the counter next to the sink and place bag on top, opening toward the sink
    - Pull out lining all the way and either "dip" into the bowl (careful not to get the leather wet) or use another small clean towel to wipe down lining. Wipe as many times as need to work in product and "clean" both sides. You can gently rub with a toothbrush for stubborn stains. Be careful not to push too hard and snag the lining.
    - When fully cleaned on both sides, use same method with clear water to rinse.
    - when finished, move bag back and roll the lining in the large towel to get out most of the moisture.
    - Leaving lining out, take a blow-dryer and slowly dry on low heat. This helps remove the "water spots" that my occur.

    Nice and beautiful new lining!! The only caution is that the creed will get wet and wrinkly.

    Here's one that was REALLY soiled when I bought it (not described that way) with pen marks, etc.


  10. Thanks for the tips, all! I have tried baby wipes on a few items and they never seem to work for me. Maybe the dirt is too deep in the fabric. I think I am going to try the Woolite as I don't have any of the towelettes--but next time I'm in a restaurant that has them I'll scoop them up! :tup:
  11. I just got a legacy stripe kisslock cosmetic case off the bay. She had some outer stains and scratches, but between using a travel oxi-clean mini spray and "extra gentle" wet ones wipes she'll turn out good. I tend to use the oxi-clean mini spray and/or tide to go pen first to see how much the stain will 'bleed' into areas that weren't originally dirty, but using a kleenex or napkin can soak up some of the moisture that would have otherwise spread to surrounding material.
  12. Doesn't the Oxy-Clean cause the bleeding?

    I think that's a bit harsh for the delicate lining, but if it works....it works.
  13. For me it hasn't yet, and I've used it on the legacy outside satin lining and inner lining as well, no bleeding.