Woolite Alternative?

  1. I am looking for an alternative to Woolite to hand wash my delicates. I have heard from several sources that Woolite is relatively harsh chemically. I have heard of "Forever New", "Laundress" and "Holistia (?sp- from Nordstrom)". Any thoughts on these or other mild detergents you have had success with?
  2. I've heard some say they use Dreft or Ivory Snow instead of Woolite
  3. Hmm. I'd like to know too.

    I use woolite and all my clothes are stll in good condition.
  4. I use a small amount of baby shampoo to wash my cashmere sweaters and Hermes scarves. I mean a very VERY small amount, like a teaspoon and no more.
  5. I've heard/read from a few sources now that some people use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps for washing delicates. I use the soap in the shower, but have not used it for laundry yet. I plan to try it out after I use up the last of my Woolite.

  6. I use products from the Laundress and I am really happy with them.
  7. I use the Brora cashmere shampoo £5 for my cashmere and other really delicate stuff which has to be soft. I have used woolite at lower concentration for other things like silk dresses and it seems to have been fine.
  8. I just bought a container of Soak. Smells wonderful, supposedly gentle, sounds so easy to use (no rinsing needed for wool or other items), dirty water won't go back into fabric, and biodegradable.

    Haven't actually used it yet, but am excited about it.

  9. i like silk n wash, mrs (or is it ms?) meyers, and caldrea
  10. The Dr. Bronner's soap is really nice. I like it because it's relatively inexpensive and you don't have to use very much to get things clean. The label is really...bizarre; it has some strange religious kind of stuff printed on it. I use it for washing dark denim -- it's mild enough to prevent excessive fading. I think the peppermint and lavender varieties smell best; I thought the almond was kind of yucky. The tea tree is nice too.
  11. When I handwash, I use either Dawn original (yep, the good old blue stuff, great on grease stains), Dr. Bronner's, or Everyday Organics all-purpose soap from Whole Foods.
  12. Hey there,
    Jacqueline here, from Soak Wash. Maddog- thanks for recommending us!

    Our product is the new leader in delicate fiber care. Our formulation is so gentle you could take a bath in it. It's great on wool, silk, cashmere, linen, your laciest lingerie, your softest sweaters. Email us through our site, mention the purseblog and well send you a few samples for free! Or, see the retail section of our site and buy Soak at your local retailers. Happy holidays. -Soak.
  13. i've heard woolite is bad as well.

    the girls at Nordstrom (i used to work there) would rave over that forever new stuff. said their bras would last almost twice as long!
  14. Yeah, one of my really good friends works for Le Mystere and says to not EVER use Woolite when washing bras or underwear, it's awful. She recommends Forever New, Ivory Snow or Dreft. I've been using Ivory Snow and it's definitely been a lot more gentle on my bras than Woolite was. I hate the smell though, so once I'm through with the bottle, I think I'm going to try Dreft.
  15. Anyone try the gentle soap by Method? I'm super curious!