Wool shorts with tights...

  1. I LOVE:heart: this look, but is it appropriate for work? I work at a Law Firm.

    Also, can anyone tell me where I can buy a really cute pair? Price doesen't matter, as long as they are form fitting and not baggy. I really like the grey color or black, no brown. Most likely in just above the knee length, I think thigh highs will be pushing it at work.....

    And last, what kind of shoe should I wear? Ballet flats, heels or boots?

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Sorry, but no matter how tailored, cute, fitted, etc., any type shorts at work is out, except if you work in high fashion. This style has been around for a couple of years, and the designers keep trying to make it look "professional", but it just can't pass.
    I wouldn't imagine shorts with tights at a law firm would be especially well received, but outside of work- cute look!!
  3. I think it really depends on the office culture and dress attire. I work at a non-profit so I can come in wearing a sweatshirt and no one will say a word.

    As for shorts suggestions, I bought a pair of Marc by MJ grey wool shorts on sale at Saks in January that comes just above the knee. I pair it with my Gucci knee-high boots or black patterned tights with my Marc Jacobs chunky heel pumps.
  4. I wear that look all the time. I pair the shorts and tights with a pair of boots. Definitely not appropriate for work though. I'm a student.
  5. No way. I would not do it at ANY corporate work place, but especially a law firm.
  6. NOT appropriate for work. A cute look, but simply not work attire.
  7. actually, i feel that if the shorts looks tailored and more structured, it can look very good and not less professional.
    you will look stylish and still professional.
    especially when you match it with a nice and slim belt.
    wearin it with tights and pumps or boots is gonna be fine.
    above the knee is also the length that you should go for.
    you can try it without boots and just with heels too, but for that, it will look better if the length is alittle longer than knee length.

    ps: carry a formal and structured bag to complete the professional look and you're all good.
    just my 2cnts worth =)
  8. I think the shorts wouldnt be professional in a Law firm if above the knee. However, you could probably rock the longer gaucho length (just below the knee) in a slim fit with opaque textured tights and stilletto booties or mary janes. Wear this with a long sleeved fitted (but not tight and clingy) sweater maybe with a cowl neck.

  9. I love this idea!! It really depends on your work environment. Some are more relaxed than others; you might wanna double check with your boss just to make sure. But hey, if they say you can't, it's still a great look to wear when you're out!
  10. I very much agree. Cute look, but not at all professional.
  11. Yeah..Shorts are NOT professional. I worked on Capitol Hill..anything but a pant-suit or skirt-suit was not work appropriate.

    Do you have a Casual Friday? Maybe you can pull off gauchos on one of those days. But I wouldn't push it...stick to the shorts look for Happy Hour, not during the work day :smile:
  12. Can we get pictures of this look?
  13. I agree, it we see pictures it may help us?
  14. I like how this looks, but def. not for the workplace. Here are some looks I really like.

  15. i also LOVEE the look but agree, definitely not for the workplace, especially a law firm.