Wool mini cinda?

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  1. Hello ladies, I'm completely torn about whether to get this bag, and I'm desperate for advice! I'm currently hunting for a nova check cinda, kind of along the lines of the one in Sabine's boutique, http://www.sabinesboutique.com/BCindaBr.html, but this wool mini cinda on eBay right now for cheap is pretty cute too! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=180216792379&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=008

    I would have to wait a little while before getting the nova check cinda, because I'm currently on ban, so should I just wait for it? Is getting it in nova check worth the wait? And will the wool one get pilly or be too small? :hysteric: I'm obsessing over it night and day!

    Thanks :heart: Pictures attached!
    826d_3.jpg BCindaBr.jpg
  2. have u authenticated that eBay cinda?? i believe in bigger bags simply because i haul alot..so i believe in the larger cinda for practicality purposes.. i have small burberry purses which i find i never ever use.. which is such a waste..

    p.s i think the check is classic and can be used all year round whilst this wool/tweed fabric is more fashionable and seasonable..
  3. Ah, good points ... yes, I had the eBay purse authenticated, and it seems to be real :smile:
  4. I personally prefer the check Cinda, i fell in love with that model but then I found the leather one and bought that one instead. the check is a classic while the wool is cute but you can get bored of it
  5. Yeah, I prefer the check too. I had this bag but in suede. It is not very roomy for me. It's more of a going out bag.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll hold out for the nova check :yes: