WOOHOOOO UPS Just Delivered '08 Bubblegum City RH Comparison Pics of '05 Too....


Feb 28, 2007
the islands
the leather looks like my black city - not too thick, but soft, veiny (but not wrinkly or crinkly), and still shiney.

the color is amaaazing! and i dont normally dig pink!


Life is a beach
Aug 8, 2006
Florida Keys
It's gorgeous!!! :tup:I got mine today too and was VERY impressed with particularly the leather. It's a keeper. I was a little surprised that it more of a lilac tint to it.


Oct 4, 2006
Congrats Twiggers! Thanks for the comparison pics too, they're very helpful indeed. I was waiting and waiting for someone to post comparison pics, and I thought it'd be a long long wait since not many people have the 05 bbgum pink. Thanks!!


May 7, 2006
Congratulations, twiggers! I love your bag - I think it is just beautiful. And thank you so much for the comparison photos - they are always so helpful!! I love both the 05 and 08 pinks - they are such different colors - they both are lovely colors. Kim called me this afternoon, and my thyme work and pink work are both in. She sent photos to me of the thyme work, and it is just beautiful. I didn't ask for a photo of the pink work. She was sending me comparison photos of the thyme city in GGH and SGH and then the thyme work. All of them are just beautiful - sllightly off-topic! But anyway, back to your beautiful city - I think it is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen! :yes::heart: BTW, twiggers, when I started buying Bbags back in Jan or Feb, I started buying twiggies, and then I switched to cities, and then I switched to works, with the occasional first thrown in. Do I see a trend here? Twiggies, cities,......

LOL....I like the twiggy for the really loud colors still...but I am finding myself gravitating toward the city more and more!!!! And the more I start wearing color (which was a big shock after carrying LV) the more I think I could pull off the bold colors in a city!!! This addiction is so dangerous LOL


dreams come true :-)
Apr 22, 2006
OMG 'N' twiggers :nuts: I'm speechless !!! I'm so happy for you, you got the AMAZING '08 BG city :love:, she's just BEAUTIFUL (even I also LOVE the '05 BG) :drool: ! CONGRATS sweety and thank you so much for sharing :flowers: ! I love this comparison-pic:



May 7, 2006
congrats she is a beauty!!!! enjoy her!! glad you are in love!!

just a thought .. isnt the leather a bit vieny and shiny? like the early 06??
Not at all....I don't think it looks anything like '06 leather.....I will snap a pic of my aquamarine city to compare leather....I'm telling ya...the leather is just like that!