Woohooo!!! Dark Gold Reissue Coming by the end of the month!!

  1. Yes!!! I got the dark gold reissue in size 227!!! :biggrin: It's not brand new but in mint condition!! I'm sooo happy!!! I'm going to receive it this end of June because my sister in USA is the one who's going to be carrying the handbag back to Hong Kong!! The seller shipped it to her address instead to minus shipping! :biggrin: I can't wait for June 28 to come!! :yahoo:
  2. Yay!!! :yahoo: That's amazing news... now your navy patent will have a fabulous, blingy sister to keep her company! :p I'm sure you'll be counting down the days until the 28th (I would too)... can't wait to see pictures when you get it! :smile:

  3. OMG...congrats! I know you've been wanting this bag, so happy for you!
  4. congrats! don't forget to post pics...so we can all drool over the bag along with you!
  5. congrats! Dark gold 227 is so nice!!! Did u get from eBay?
  6. Thanks Minal, shouldereyecandy, moi and chanelfans!!! I can't wait for my sister! Haha.. And she said she's going to hand carry this bag for safety reason! :biggrin: (some luggages get lost sometimes..)
    Now, my last dream bag (not yet the last.. But after this, I'm going to have a break "maybe" for a while..)
    The light silver reissue in 226! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Thanks!
  7. Congrats Rica! I know how long you've been looking for this bag!I hope you get a light silver too,hehe!I\m so happy for you !:yahoo:
  8. Wow Rica, that's great news! :yahoo:
  9. yay!!! :dothewave: congrats on FINALLY finding one! looks like you're quite lucky too, finding all your dream bags :yes:
  10. I'm sooo happy for you Rica!!!! Congrats!!!!
    Yes, have your sister put it in the carry-on, last time I traveled they lost my luggage in Paris and I would have been in a panic if my purses had been in it.

  11. Is it?! Oh no.. Then I have to tell my sister to put my bag on the carry-on!! Gosh!!! I'll tell her to put her stuffs inside the box and put the box into the baggage but not the bag!!

    Thanks guys!! I can't wait to see IRL... :yahoo:
  12. :flowers: Congrats!!! I want one too :drool:
  13. Wow, this is such TERRIFIC NEWS, congratulations!!! im really happy for you!!! :yahoo:
  14. Thanks alice and dollygirl! I will definitely post pics / model pics of my incoming bag as soon as it arrives here in Hong Kong :biggrin:
  15. YAY!! Congrats Rica!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics - sounds fabulous!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: