Woohooo.....2000 posts and going strong

  1. YAY:yahoo: I pass another great tPF milestone!
    2000 posts later and I'm more addicted to LV and tPF than I thought possible.....both are on my mind all day & night long...it's a sickness LOL

    Anyways....thanks to all the great conversations with the wonderful people here...and the awesome people in the LV forum...I love ya ladies/gents:love:

    Here's to another 2000:drinks:

    Thanks also to megs & Vlad for this great place!
  2. Congrats ! :yes:

    And maybe this calls for another LV.. :graucho:
  3. :yahoo: Yay -- I'm psyched to be the first to congratulate you!!!!:yahoo:

    (edit: oops, second!)
  4. Congrats to you, Twiggers! I've enjoyed your posts! Here's to another 2,000!:drinks:
  5. congrats!
  6. Hooray for Twiggers! 2000! WOW! Keep them coming!
  7. Yay, congrats:yahoo:
  8. Wooohooo!!! Congrats! Here's to many more!!!:drinkup:
  9. Twiggers, I love your posts. Congrats on your 2k, and here's to many, many more! (more bags, too) hehehehe
  10. Congrats, twiggers!
  11. Thank you ayla....I am going out of town tonight and am having my BIL bid on some ebay CB and graffiti stuff....so maybe I'll have a surprise LV when I get back on Sunday!

    And thank you M&M, Pippi, passerby, pursegrrl, sue, christie, kat & chanel!
  12. congrats!!!
  13. Congrats! I love your posts! Keep posting!
  14. congrats
  15. Thanks Rose, Kathy, & Heaven :smile: