Woohooo! 1000 posts!


Sep 13, 2005
haha this is probably one of the most useless threads on the forum....:nuts:

But to make it more meaningful, thank you all (especially Megs and Vlad), for making this forum a cool place to post. The vibe here is great:love: Wouldn't be such a post whore if it weren't:lol:
:lol: I love you guys :love:

I think I will take a run to dior today, just to see if my new saddle came in and they forgot to call or something *highly doubt it :sad:* I want that thing already! Not to mention my SA in fine jewelry...1000 posts should constitute a dinner with him too lol...we totally need a wish smiley :love:
Aww thanks! It is quite the beauty... I love love love it! But you have an enormous amount of bags.

And yes, just ask the man to dinner already!!
Yes, Noriko you seem to be well versed in bags for ages 6 and up!!!
Keep up the good work and I was about to ask when you were meeting up with him! I agree with Megs ask already. Us married women need something more to talk about in addition to handbags.