1. Our strike is OVER!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::drinkup: We go back to work on Thursday after 28 days of no work. I can't wait!!!!!
  2. WOW!! YEAH! PHH will be happy to hear that!(Hes been off from work and doesnt know yet!!LOL!)....So happy for you!:smile:
  3. That's wonderful! Does this mean the hospital agreed to the new contract? (Like I said before I am clueless about union stuff!) :yahoo:
  4. Really happy for you!:yahoo: So is it all sorted now? I hope so!
  5. The union did accept the new contract. The hospital improved it a little bit...they added 3 more small hospitals to the inner circle where we can go without having to pay an $800 copay, added 50 more drs to the inner circle, and now if we're on vacation in another state and we need to see a doctor, it will be covered (before it wasn't covered if you were out of state or out of the country). I think everyone just wants to get back to work, so they're willing to accept anything that the hospital is offering. We had originally wanted Blue Cross Blue Shield for our insurance, but it's ok the union can fight for that 3 years from now again...hehe.
  6. Great news !! :heart:
  7. Yay for you!!1
  8. I'm happy for you. How relieved you must feel!
  9. I am very happy to hear this news!!
  10. Good news
  11. So happy to hear your good news! Glad your life can get back to normal now.