1. I'm SO excited.. I just decided with one of my good friends to take a vacation!!

    We booked today and are leaving... tomorrow!

    One week in Mallorca, Spain..

    I'm very excited, sun sun sun here I come.. :yes:

    Have a nice week everyone :flowers:

    Anyone ever been there? Any suggestions as what to do/see?
  2. Holy cow I am so jealous!! Congratulations!!!! :smile:
  3. Wow, have a great time. Enjoy your vacation!
  4. wow, lucky you!!!!i wish i could take a vacation right now too....:angel:
    enjoy yourself!
  5. That's awesome!!! I've never been to Spain, I hope to go one day!
    Have a FAB and safe trip!
  6. Hee hee, You're in Rome though! What a fabulous place to live:heart:

    I'll take some pics of Spain and post them when I get back..

    Thanks for all the well wishes, you girls are sweet!
  7. Congrats! Have a great time. I've been to Mallorca before but didn't spend enough time on the island to give you any advice...just stopped there for a couple hours while waiting for a ferry to continue on to menorca.

    Definitely post pics when you get back!
  8. Have fun!!!