WOOHOO We got a Burberry thread!!!

  1. Anyone else as happy as I am? I just got my pink candy check tote today! I love it it's stunning. All post pics later.:heart:
  2. It's funny, I just got my first Burberry bag 3 days ago, and I love it! It's a Laney leather bag in brown. I never really paid any attention to Burberry bags before, but when I saw this bag, I had to get it.
  3. I love their pink candy check print. Can't wait to see some pics!
  4. Yah, a Burberry thread. I was so happy to see it as well.
  5. Yippee, I just found the Burberry thread - yippee!!!! I am a BURBERRY/GUCCI kind of gal!!!!! Yippee!!
  6. haha i'm actually quite happy about this!
  7. I always wondered when a Burberry thread would pop up. Now here it is. :smile:
  8. Yes I just noticed, cool! All I have is a shirt, bikinis, scarf and gloves, swimming skirt, flower skirt, make-up pouch, jacket, coat so just clothes and accessories. No bags yet but I love the new designs!
  9. YIP PEE! I am sooo glad we have this thread, I will be here alot
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