Woohoo!! Trip to Chicago!


Oct 8, 2005
Woohoo! Our parks department is taking a chartered bus to Chicago in a couple weeks for some shopping! (I'm in NW Indiana).

Call me sheltered, but if I get to go this will be my first time in such stores as Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor's, and others!! (The only thing I've ever been in is a Coach outlet, LOL!)
I've been to Chicago many, many times, but usually just for the museums or concerts and stuff - not to shop! I've never even gone to Navy Pier!

We're going to State St. and then Water Tower Place - woohoo! WTP has 7 levels!
While you're at Water Tower, sneak out and hit Barney's at State and Oak street, the Saks on Michigan, and Hermes on Oak and Michigan. Even if you can't afford anything, you'll have some great stuff to look at!
I second Issmom's sentiment, that Nordstrom has great shoes and accessories departments, and the salespeople are very nice. Better than the suburban mall Nodrstroms.
And don't forget to try the BEST popcorn in the world while you are there shopping on Michigan. I don't remember what it's called, but the shop is so small right across the Song mega store. You will see people lining up even when it's snowing. I miss it so much, really the best popcorn I've ever had!!:lol: