~WOOHOO~ Tano Sale!!!!!!


    www.musthavebag.com is having a BIG SALE!!!!! I broke my ban.... I wasn't going to buy any Tano bags until the Spring stuff came (I already placed my pre-order haha)...but I couldn't pass up 30% off a Buxom Buddy!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting the drizzle grey!!! WOOHOOO! :yahoo:

    (Alex...you rock!)
  2. Ah, I'm not buying any more bags until March now - *sigh*!
  3. They have some really cute bags on sale.
  4. congratulations I love the buxom buddy I've been eying it in the drizzle Grey forever. I'm soooo jealous but I'm trying to be good. Pictures when you get it please.
  5. ^^You better believe it!!! :tup:
  6. Voodoo!! You are so bad!! I was on a purse ban having spent a fortune on BE bags but I just went to the sale and bought the last beaujorlais VVGG. It was only $150.00!! Now, must refrain froma nymore purses...
  7. WOOHOO kings_20!! Can't wait to see yer gorgeous score!!!! :yahoo:

    Tano rules! hahaha :rochard:
  8. Wow! Thanks for the post Voodoo!
  9. Yer welcome! :flowers:
  10. oohhh, so tempting! i carried my x-roads today and got so many compliments! but i think i am going to hold out for one of the new spring bags...now i just have to decide which one!
  11. my goodness... that goldie shocks looks mighty fine and even more fine with the new adjusted pricetag!

    darn so i was waiting for my cc to refresh and now that it has i was thinking i can get finally get a grey vixen! its gone! oh well - maybe i have to resort to eBay or something...
  12. ^^

    The goldie shocks is a great roomy bag. Really light and holds a ton. I have it in bronze and I really like it. Love the detachable strap. Awesome price.
  13. ^^ I almost bought a Goldie Shocks... it's such a pretty bag...but I found the Buxom Buddy more practical AND Alex had ONE in grey.... I had to snatch it up. ;)
  14. I'm new to Tano, and I bought the grey Vincent van GG this week, and Alexandra agreed to give me the discounted price! Must Have Bag service and Alexandra are great. I hope I like the bag. I am looking forward to some of the new spring bags and am contemplating the Buxon Buddy.
  15. I really like Goldie Shocks - my only reservation is whether metallics is on its way out... i don't want to feel too out of place when i carry a big shiny sparkly bag down the street in the summer or next fall.... or even further down....

    or am i thinking too much?