WOOHOO, stopped in the Fresno Coach boutique

Nov 16, 2007
Giant Sequoia Redwoods, Calif.
Well, you know what happens to me every time I come to Clovis to babysit my 2 grandkids! My daughter and son-in-law went on their yearly trip with all their friends to ski at Lake Tahoe. There is no snow at Lake Tahoe yet this year but skiers are using the other side of the mountain where they are manufacturing snow. I don't ever recall Lake Tahoe not having snow this time of year. We were up there in Dec. and it seemed so strange.

I stopped at the Fresno Coach boutique and ended up with something totally different than what I had in mind. I'll leave you all (hehe)to speculate until I get home next tues, and do my reveal from dec. factory shopping and my boutique shopping from yesterday.


Aug 12, 2009
NOOOOO!!!!!! Don't make us wait!!!!!
We want to see now!!!!!
I can hardly wait to see all your new finds!!!
Have fun with the grandkids!!!!

Lynne :biggrin:


Jan 17, 2010
Your having fun with the grandkids and US! Don't make us wait so long without a hint or 2 a day.
Nov 16, 2007
Giant Sequoia Redwoods, Calif.
Hi guys. I don't know how to download my pics to their computer and then transfer them so I'll give a few hints. I did not have a black bag and so when I saw her I took notice and kept going back and picking her up. I knew I probably would be taking her home. I had been seeing her on the website but never even clicked on her for any info. She's a lot prettier IRL, the website pics don't do her justice. She's quite a bit different than any of my other bags and that was one thing that appealed to me. She doesn't have a whole lot of hardware so is nice and lightweight.