WOOHOO Price on Kooba Elisha All 3 colors

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  1. OMG!!!! I bought it! I couldn't help myself. I don't have a red bag. I hate red bags. Until this one. I had my hubby look over all 3 and he liked the Red the best. I started thinking that the Meredith is too clumsy looking and just went off the edge.

    Don't worry if you want one in red. He has others he will list. He has a Red one in his store that doesn't show on the regular search. And if anyone is interested in the Botkier (black mystery Bag) Sasha. He will have that next month.

    Oh...in his store he has a devin in Black too.
  2. HAHAH!!!!!!! :smile: o lexie CONGRADS!!! :smile:
  3. i am SO GLAD You got it hehe you are gonna prob be soo happy i cant WAIT to see the pictures, you and missy poo willl be the firsts to ahve the red elisha
  4. So lucky!!! That's a great deal. Congrats!! Def post pics when you get it.

    Lexie, I just checked.. I don't see another red Elisha in his store :sad:
  5. Write him because I know he always buys several in each color. I told him I posted him here. He's the greatest. He said he would tell me when he had the Botkier Sasha in. He's sending my bag tomorrow, always sends me tracking and it's always here by day 3. I have probably bought 5-6 bags from him.

    This is madness! I just listed my Botkier Crosby and My IF bag on eBay that I haven't even used yet. I have to have that new Botkier and the Kooba Nicole.

    And do you doubt I will post pics when I get it??? LOL
  6. haah girl you are CRAZY! :smile: and i love it ! :smile:
    thats awsome that you have such a good relationship with an eBay seller! i wish i knew who 2 trust :smile:

    Can you post a pic of the botkier sasha? i still dont know what bag you are talking about i thought u were talking about that small black one that was on the kooba site but NOPE! :smile:

    let me know!!

    haha you already decided the other bags arent worth keeping in place of the botkier sasha dream and elisha huh?! :smile: haha i totally know what you mean !
  7. Here it is. Yes, it was the misplaced Botkier in the Kooba website. I knew I liked it for some reason although I will never convert it into a duffle.
    Botkier*-* Sasha Duffel Bag*-* Neiman Marcus

    I love the IF & Botkier but I can't buy 6-8 bags a month!!!! I have to decide which I want more. My buying and selling is driving hubby nuts. He says.."If you like it, and bought it...keep it" but then of course he doesn't want me buying more. So I get guilty and sell what I think I will use less. Probably will ask to pick up a shift or 2 at work. That'll help cover.

    What do you think on that Large Meredith? Too clumsy to get in and out of with that flap? And it's 16 x 10. That's pretty big.
  8. I saw these on ebay and I could have sworn he was a seller you had mentioned! YOU GO GIRL, I love that red too and hope it comes out in the Devin as well. Do you happen to know if this seller will be getting in any ink blue Natashas? Or ummm, I dunno, a cognac Marcelle? :roflmfao: Hey, I can DREAM ...
  9. You know what Laura, he's been selling awhile and may have some old bags he hasn't sold. Write him and ask about the Natasha and any older bags he might have. Tell him Lexie sent you. He's a man of few words but excellent about communication.
  10. Congratulations! That's a great bag. I'm going to get it in red myself later this spring. It'll be my first red bag, too. :yahoo:

    Great price! I've saved that seller since you so highly recommend him.

    Give us a detailed report once you get your new prize.
  11. Congrats, Lexie!! He is an excellent seller, I got my Kooba Lena from him, very professional, enjoy your bag!:yahoo:
  12. omg congrats make sure you post pictures when you get it!
  13. Thanks Lexie, I contacted him via ebay so we'll see what he says. I will keep you all posted.
  14. Lexie! You are the Kooba Queen!!