WOOHOO, Pic's of my new Cabby, plus collection pic...

  1. Hey there everyone. My Black Neo Cabby GM came today. I'm totally in love with it. I already took it out with me shopping and it's a great bag.

    I tried to take some pictures without the flash because with the flash made the bag look grayer than it really is, but without the flash was too dark. This is the best picture I could get....


    Here's me with my cabby (I look a mess today, don't mind me...) BTW I'm 6'0"....

    Here is my entire LV collection now with my Cabby...
    cabby.jpg full.jpg group1.jpg
  2. Congrats! It looks awesome on you. This will so be my next purchase.
  3. gosh gorgeous collection. I'd been wanthing that mini-pochette and the vernis cles. YOu got my wish right there. I love your Cabby. UGG too bad I'm on bag-ban..Congrat to you.
  4. Looks great! I havent used my cabby yet. You have a great collection.
  5. Congrats! The vernis cles looks adroable on it.
    Great collection, too.
  6. Congrats on your new bag! It is gorgeous! You have a great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  7. congrats ! such a great bag !
  8. Congrats to your new cabby!
  9. Congrats on your new cabby and gorgeous collection!
  10. Great bag! It's so much fun and it goes with dressy or casual clothes. I love your framboise pieces!
  11. Ooooo,so very nice, it looks great on you :smile: Congrat's.
  12. Congrats! It does look great on you; I love the cles on it!
  13. Congrats! Your collection is beautiful!
  14. Congragulations, you have a beautiful collection!
  15. Congrats!! Looks sooo good on you!