Woohoo! New Diaper bags next week!

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  1. Just as an FYI to those out there looking for a new Coach diaper bag...there will be 2 released next Thursday. It's similiar to the original Heritage Stripe diaper bag (with fabric handles) but the stripe is a bit different. Colors that I know of are pink and brown.

    and I'm getting the brown one for my birthday next weekend! woohoo! Go little brother! (he always promised me a Coach diaper bag when I "pushed one out" heheh)

    The SA wouldn't sell it to him...he has to go back on Thursday...but he took a picture and sent it to my cell...once I locate my USB adapter or SD reader, I'll upload a picture
  2. Oh wow, good to know, am looking for a schoolbag, then again, maybe I shldn't...hmmm........
  3. Congrats on your bundle deweydrop! And the new diaper bag too!
  4. aww...why thank you! I'll post pics of BOTH my baby girl and new Coach after next weekend! heheh
  5. please post pics! i wanna see how it differs from the other diaper bags
  6. Congratulations!:heart:
  7. Fun! I think giving birth totally warrants a new Coach!
  8. oooh thanks for the info I have been wanting a diaperbag for a while now I will have to look into that Congrats on your bundle. I love having girls they are so fun. My baby boy is the one that I think will give me a run for my money lol.
  9. My "baby" is almost six-years-old and I still want a Coach diaper bag. LOL
  10. I saw it - it's adorable! Nice brother that you've got! Congrats!
  11. Little brother should be able to order and have it delivered to your home (gift wrapped) to your home. The store should have volunteered that! The bags are in the warehouse waiting to ship. CONGRATS on the baby on the way!
  12. I have been out of the loop, but I sure could use a new diaperbag!
  13. actually, they had one IN the store. My brother took a picture of it and sent it to my cell. (we moved a month ago...haven't unpacked all our boxes as we are just renting for now...can NOT find my SD card reader! grrr....)
  14. I would love to see it! I hope you can find the SD card reader...My mother just bought me the berry heritage stripe diaper bag for christmas this year and I'll be able to use it in about a month!!:yahoo: I can't hardly wait for my baby girl to get here...i was playing with the bag today, its just so pretty and its taunting me to use it! lol Sad? lol